Community Impact Initiative...The Thing we are Most Proud Of!

It's About More Than Just Selling Solar...

When you form new partnerships, values are important. When Quantum Solar signed on to become an official dealer with Native Solar ( it was an easy decision. First of all, they are one of the oldest and most reputable solar energy companies in Texas. Everything they do is lined with excellence and quality. They are the exception to the landscape of solar sales in Texas. The real selling point for Quantum, however, was their Community Impact initiative. Native has committed to giving back our local communities and non-profit initiatives in our state. Here's an excerpt from one of their blog posts:

NATiVE Solar is leading a Regional Action Plan to accelerate solar adoption for underserved communities with a focus on equitable distribution models. There is a noticeable gap in access to solar among this demographic, and this plan is meant to address that. Noticeable factors preventing engagement with solar energy include perceptions around cost and the traditional set-up of solar. This program also seeks to expand knowledge about the rising number of solar jobs. These jobs intersect with a variety of fields including sales, marketing, technical installation, community outreach, and engineering.

This community impact program will spearhead engagement between NATiVE Solar, community leaders, and community members. It has the ability to expand energy savings, reduce environmental impact, and provide job opportunities to new communities. In order to accomplish this, NATiVE Solar is partnering with leaders of various counties, districts, and cities across Texas to expand the reach of this program.

There are two aspects of this intiative: 1) expanding access to solar power and 2) job training. Quantum is a new dealer in the North Texas area (though all of our employees are Fort Worth natives), but we are already setting up relationships with community leaders to carry on the legacy of Native Solar and their desire to make a difference in the community rather than just selling.

If you would like further information, or perhaps you have ideas on how we can make inroads for underserved communities, feel free to contact us here!

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