Could a Solar System Help in Weather like we had Last Week?

With the onset of this unusual, yet perfect storm, Texas already experienced peak strai

n on its power grid. As many are experiencing first hand, there are over a million Texans without power due to intentional efforts to reduce strain on an aging electric grid. This week the Governor made the first steps by investigating the issue with ERCOT while Griddy warns customers to switch to fixed rate plans.

When this winter storm was approaching, Oncor and many utilities across the state issued statements informing their customers to expect continued outages for days. Many of these outages end up lasting for hours, as opposed to 15-45 minutes of the originally planned rotating outages. These companies provide service in Central and Northwest Texas, which leaves areas such as Austin, Round Rock, San Marcos, Dallas, Waco, and many Central Texas towns, all the way out to El Paso affected. Sadly, many of our historically marginalized communities were among the first to face power outages. ERCOT continues to order electricity distributors to interrupt power with rolling outages because the largest grid operator has little or no reserve power during peak demand. Texas Utility Blackout Solutions

Unfortunately, situations like this are likely to continue due to a lack of preparedness for changing climate patterns and outdated grid infrastructure. Add to this Texas’ rapidly increasing population (loads), the CV19 effect, reduced power reserves and grid reliability becomes challenging. The storm in Texas was partly mother nature, but could have been avoided with better planning and proper integration of new energy sources; else be victim to the next polar vortex, hurricane or other natural disaster. However, there are solutions and some critical considerations as you take your power back

NATiVE Solar’s Solution to Utility Blackouts

While solar cannot address all of the issues caused by severe weather, it can address a large and inconvenient one, electricity outages. With so many appliances relying on electricity, and with the added online component of this pandemic, electricity is a real necessity. Solar panels possess the capability of generating electricity even in severe weather, and with the addition of storage and a solution-oriented approach to backup power, solar can help you weather the storm AND avoid what experts are predicting, the imminent and substantial rise in energy prices amid surging demand from the exponential growth in Texas.

Through strategic partnerships, NATiVE gives homeowners in Texas complete peace of mind, when utility grid issues arise, and blackouts occur. With NATiVE Solar, Homeowners can install solar and backup options. Homeowners have:

  • Full control to determine where backup energy goes; including “critical loads”. This can extend the life of the battery because the homeowner can select which locations will receive battery power in the event of a utility blackout.

  • A wide array of battery options; NATiVE Solar can help you get the right amount of energy for your situation.

  • A wide range of inverter options; NATiVE Solar can help ensure that system capabilities are able to achieve the demand that you require.

NATiVE Solar’s Guarantee NATiVE Solar provides installation, product, and workmanship guarantees, from a company that has been in the residential solar business for over 13 years. NATiVE Solar is the company that installs your solar. We do not outsource our installations. Our strategic partnerships are in place to offer you with the best options for our solar systems, even a cash-back performance guarantee! NATiVE Solar give Texas homeowners year round relief from the worries of utility outages, foreseen or unforeseen. At the same time, we offer Texan’s protection from rising electricity rates.

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